HR Consulting

HRBiz offers a wide variety of independent HR Consulting services:

  • Design and develop Leadership Development Systems to grow your talent and your profitability.
  • Implement a highly engaged work environment to boost productivity.
  • Facilitate a Kaizen or LEAN Event to take the waste out of your systems.
  • Design customized training that fits the culture of your organization.
  • Utilize truly effective performance management systems for your company.
  • Offer Strategic planning advice.
  • Make objective business recommendations.
  • Implement successful Change Management techniques and train your leaders to be change leaders.
  • Design and implement Compensation Systems that incent and reward your talent effectively.
  • Analyze productivity and profitability issues and recommend solutions.

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HRbiz  has an office in Traverse City and offers HR support and HR Services to small and large businesses in Traverse City and the surrounding areas.

HRbiz also offers HR Consulting services to Fortune 500 companies across the US and Canada. Some of our specialty areas are organization effectiveness, leadership development, designing and delivering customized training and providing in depth engagement consulting support that enables all organizations to unleash the true potential of all people for high performance.